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Detzany is a rising Mexican-American singer-songwriter and producer who creates "Future Cinematic Soul" by blending soulful RnB with Latin/hip-hop elements. Her lyrics come from personal experiences and challenges, and her powerful voice and soundscapes captivate listeners. Detzany studied music production and vocal performance at Utah Valley University and graduated in 2020. Her song "Way Out" was featured on Spotify's editorial playlist "Mixto," and she has performed for various organizations and events, including a suicide prevention show called “Fighter”, a performance group touring in China, and Featuring song “I am love divine”  in “Hair Love University Documentary” by Elizabeth Faye about hairstylists changing the world. And Recent placement of her original song “Away” in Bravos hit series “Vanderpump Rules”. Detzany is currently focusing on releasing new music as well.

Detzany proves why she is one of the finest pop vocalists to grace the airwaves in recent times. Moreover, her latest track ‘Honestly’ boasts a quality which we do not hear all too often these days, her talent is unforgettable!

- GSGM media

It emits a Beyoncé-esque feel, intimate and energetic at the same time. It’s the powerful story that R&B gave in the ’90s along with the movement-oriented production that’s hot in our decade. 

-SLUG Magazine, Mary Culbertson


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